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Award Executives:

“OLYMP'ARTS China Design Award Organizing Committee”

Awards Introduction
Show Chinese design to the world

Better showcase
Chinese design to the world

To understand the momentum of Chinese design and to practice the way of Chinese design.
OLYMP'ARTS CHINA DESIGN AWARDS is the first designer award that represents the highest level of China in the international arena. The OLYMP'ARTS CHINA DESIGN AWARDS is a joint initiative of the WORLD OLYMP'ARTS COUNCIL, the WQ & UCAS JOINT LAB INDUSTRIAL DESIGN INSTITUTE and the BEIJING DESIGN WEEK, with the OLYMP'ARTS CHINA DESIGN AWARDS Organizing Committee as the Organizer and as a permanent award in Beijing Design Week.
OLYMP'ARTS CHINA DESIGN AWARDS is built on the basis of respect, innovation and encouraging the progress of designers to invite young Chinese designers to think more in terms of art and design, actively exerting their creative inspiration & innovation, and being able to represent China in the international showcase of the highest level of design awards. The design works judged are full of Chinese design culture system and are shareable, i.e. they can transcend the boundaries of nation & country and be shared by human beings. On the other hand, it shows the cutting-edge design concept and design expression in China to expresses the integration and innovation of design with culture, technology, fashion, industry and economy, promotes the road of high-quality development of Chinese design supporting industry, and helps "Chinese design" to go global and create a better world together.

Award Objectives:
· To allow the participating designers to express through their work the values that belong to all humanity: universality, aesthetics, harmony, anti-violence.
· Respect for design and talent.Encourage and support designers to work for the social environment and professional future.
· Design achievements showing the logo and essence of Chinese civilization and work for people.

Three gold medal winners in each category will be awarded the OLYMP'ARTS China Design Award,
including one trophy, 3000 euros 、one certificate and one badge.
After three rounds of review, a total of 12 award-winning designers selected from the four categories will be invited to participate in the OLYMP'ARTS 2023 Award Ceremony held in Paris, France in December 2024, where they will win the gold medal honor and its corresponding value, and will be invited to participate in international exhibitions and activities.

Evaluation Scope
OLYMP'ARTS CHINA DESIGN AWARDS invites young designers or teams from all over China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) to participate in the competition, which is invited and selected once a year. The selection is open to young designers or teams who live and work in China and provide design services for China, generally aged 18 to 49.There are currently four categories of participation, and each participating designer can only participate in one category.

Your submission must have independent intellectual property rights or be authorized with permission, and must not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others.

OLYMP'ARTS platform

OLYMP'ARTS China Design Award is a trophy for designers to compete on the international stage and an honor to enjoy outstanding achievements. With the help of OLYMP'ARTS platform, international communication is carried out to provide designers with more new possibilities and future development.

Awards Ceremony

This award ceremony was held at the same time as the OLYMP'ARTS 2023 award ceremony, which attracted the attention of global audiences and industry media.

International Exhibitions

The winners are invited to participate in this year's award ceremony and OLYMP'ARTS international top exhibition and other series of activities, and communicate with representatives from the global art and design industry, academia, media, industry and other industries, and have the opportunity to cooperate with international first-class design organizations, industry organizations and other win-win cooperation.

Listed in Design Directory

The winners, outstanding candidates and their representative works will be included in the history book of 2023 OLYMP'ARTS China Design Award Directory and OLYMP'ARTS International Design Talent Pool, and will be promoted and updated in official media in real time.

Enrollment period
Review Period
Awards Ceremony & Exhibition
Evaluation method
OLYMP'ARTS CHINA DESIGN AWARDS has three rounds evaluation.
Examine Panel Evaluate

Select the application materials submitted by designers according to the following selection criteria:
* Meet the requirements for award selection
* No clear political, conflict, violent or aggressive tendencies
* No clear discrimination against religion, race, people, etc.
* No clear guidance on drug and pornography
The results of this round were either "Pass" or "Fail". Only if they pass the screening process will they proceed to the second round of judging by a professional panel. "Failed" participants should resubmit before the application deadline or continue their efforts in the next round.

Professional Panel Evaluate

This round is about the evaluation of the participating designers' design concept, design aesthetics, design functionality, experience and sustainability, livelihood contribution, industry contribution, and future contribution related dimensions.
The results of this round indicate "passed" or "failed". Only if they pass the review will they proceed to the third round of judging by an international panel of professionals. Participants who have "failed" are invited to continue their efforts in the next round.

International Professional Panel Evaluate

According to this round of evaluation dimensions, including international social influence and industry demonstration power and other evaluation systems to evaluate.
The final results of this round are shown as "Gold" or "Finalist". If the result is "Gold", the winner will be invited to attend the award ceremony and exhibition in Paris in June 2024; if the result is "Finalist", the winner will receive the "OLYMP'ARTS China" award. OLYMP'ARTS China Design Award Finalist" digital certificate.

Evaluation category
Visual Design
For the visual design category, we focus on discovering the perfect quality and artistic perfection of the work, which is either with its intellectual, cultural, intellectual and commercial connotation to raise people's interest and can be the best visual image design, providing the winners with a global audience to showcase their success and talent.
Graphic design
book binding design
advertising design
type design
packaging design
original illustration
animation design
video game design
movie scene design
Evaluation category
Industrial Design
Sustainable design, new materials design, transportation design, household appliance and product design, jewelry design, mechanical design (robot design), furniture design, ceramic design, cultural and creative product design, fabric and fashion design, arts and crafts design, and other service product design.
Sustainable Design
New Material Design
Aerospace industry design
Automotive Design
Robot design
Household appliances and products design
Fabric and apparel design
Furniture design
Public Service Design
Other Service Product Design
Evaluation category
Environmental Design
Explore the concept of social and environmental impact design, reflecting concern for the sustainability of people and the earth, and making the world a better place. Architecture design, interior design, landscape, urban planning design, human engineering design, environmental ecology design, artistic treatment (form, color, texture, etc.) of interior and exterior walls and columns, floors, ceilings, doors and windows, etc., the use of natural light, artificial lighting, the arrangement of furniture, ornaments, shape and other design languages, as well as the configuration of plants and flowers, water bodies, vignettes, sculptures, etc., so that the spatial environment reflects a specific atmosphere and The work or concept design that meets people's functional use and visual aesthetic needs, so that it leads the future and brings it to the world's novel design.
Interior design
landscape design
garden design
environmental service design
sustainable space design
public art design
Evaluation category
Interaction Design
The category of interaction design is not limited to service design, experience and design, product design, and project design for software, mobile applications, interactive projection, embedded user interface products, animation, simulation, robotics, etc. emphasizing multiple forms of design, but also includes design strategy, branding, digital interaction, etc. Designers are able to improve people's social, cognitive, and emotional interactions and power fluid human-object interactions.
Intelligent and interactive product design
user interface design
new media art interactive device
human-computer interaction
experience design
information interaction design
Evaluating Committee Members (Ranked in no particular order)

Award ceremony

Attending the award ceremony:
An email invitation will be sent to the winner by April 30, 2024 to attend the award ceremony and concurrent exhibition events. The award ceremony will be held in Switzerland in June 2024 in the OLYMP'ARTS 2023.

Explanation of overseas international exhibition fees for winning entries:
The winners are required to bear their own travel expenses, postage of their works, exhibition set-up, accommodation and food expenses for overseas exhibitions.

Please follow the official website:,to learn more information.。


Q:How should I choose the category before I fill in the entry information?
A:Participants can choose the category according to the attributes of their works. If the works have multiple attributes at the same time, it is recommended to choose the category according to the core innovation point of the product. Each entry can only be entered in one category.

Q:Do you accept teamwork?
A:Yes, both individual and team entries are accepted. Up to 5 names of the main entrants may be included on the award certificate of the work.

Q:Can I enter my work after having won other awards?

Q:Do I have to upload pictures of my work?
A:In the registration stage, submit either pictures or videos of the works, software, integrated services and other products without physical objects should submit videos; in the third stage of the evaluation through the winners, should submit pictures and videos of the works, if the works have been submitted video at the time of registration can choose not to submit or submit a new video for replacement.

Registration fee

Registration Fees:
To ensure the seriousness and order of the OLYMP'ARTS China Design Award and attract more high-quality participants to the event, first-time contestants can participate for free. If contestants advance to the preliminary stage after evaluation, they will need to pay for the evaluation and certification fees (168 RMB/person).

Evaluation Notification:
After successfully submitting your registration, please check your evaluation status at each review stage to see if you have passed. If your evaluation status shows "passed" at that stage, it means that you have advanced to the next stage. We will notify you of the evaluation results and fee for advancement through email or phone within one week after the preliminary stage evaluation is completed.

Winning Notification:
For those who pass the third stage of evaluation, we will email you the details of attending the award ceremony and other activities.


1.All the entries submitted by the participants must be created by the participants themselves (or the group) for which they should have the full right to authorship. The OLYMP'ARTS 2023 China Design Award Organizing Committee will cancel the participants' qualification for this competition and the participants shall assume any and all consequences therefore in case any dispute on the intellectual property right or the right to authorship related to the entries occurs.
2.All disputes on the copyright or the intellectual property right arising from the entries of the entrants have nothing to do with the OLYMP'ARTS 2023 China Design Award Organizing Committee. The OLYMP'ARTS 2023 China Design Award Organizing Committee has the right to exhibit, publish (including electronic publishing) and collect the selected works.
3.The OLYMP'ARTS 2023 China Design Award Organizing Committee doesn't provide any delivery or return service for the entries, and hence no shipping charges, duties and etc. arising therefrom shall be borne by it.

The OLYMP'ARTS 2023 China Design Award Organizing Committee reserves the right of final interpretation of any doubts on the rules of this competition.
Any unfinished matters related to this competition, the OLYMP'ARTS 2023 China Design Award Organizing Committee will further improve the rules and make explanations.

The World Olymp' Arts Council, an international non-governmental organization, is the official governing body of OLYMP'ARTS, based in Geneva, Switzerland. The "Olympic Arts" were created to take up the artistic competitions that had been initiated in ancient Greece, in 566 BC. In the ancient Greek calendar, every four years, the third year after each sport olympiad, global art activities were organized and promoted at some sacred spot. Artists all over the world, amateur and professional, are invited without any age or cultural restrictions to create artworks in conjunction with themes related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and in doing so, to initiate discussions on real-life issues related to the fate of humanity. We look forward to thinking together through art creation and building a community of human destiny through art creation.
BEIJING DESIGN WEEK is a large-scale annual cultural event and international creative design event in Beijing, with the purpose of promoting the high-quality development of the design industry and providing a regular service platform for domestic and international design institutions and talents to showcase, exchange and trade in multiple directions.
The WQ & UCAS JOINT LAB INDUSTRIAL DESIGN INSTITUTE is a university-based research unit built by Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group Company Limited and the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. As a specific docking department, the Industrial Design Center intends to make an experimental contribution to the development of high-quality industrial design innovation in China by creating an industrial design award based in China and facing the international, building an academic exchange platform for the interdisciplinary integration of art and science, and developing an innovative industrial design talent training system to promote the integration of industry, academia, research and application.